Type of Work

What we do best is matching people and work. Melon has a strong dedication to developing long-term relationships with clients, partners and employees alike. On the inside, we have successfully developed teams of quality developers on varied platforms, who are also reasonable, engaged professionals with a fresh view. On the outside, we aim to grasp the meaning behind the requirements handed to us, rather than just the specification, and then serve a working piece of software within the set frame. Or better.

As we like to describe in short, Melon is a software company focused on building teams and delivering meaningful solutions.

The assignments we excel at are as follows:

End-to-End Development

Melon is experienced with projects involving all stages of application development – planning, design, implementation, stabilization and release. We have implemented a number of projects, small to large. Our clients come from across a number of industries, but most notably: Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Entertainment, FMCG, Digital Marketing, and HR. This has taught our teams not only to move things forward according to a plan, but also how to handle the inevitable, unforeseen difficulties every project faces. It is exactly the down-to-earth, constructive and proactive attitude of our teams in times of trouble that separates us from most software development outsourcing companies.

Technology Consulting

If just one Melon’s strong point needed to be singled out, it would be its technological diversity. First across web, mobile and desktop, and then across most top development platforms for all. The type and size of our software development projet history is no less diverse. We’ve worked with digital and software agencies, enterprises, and start-ups on projects large and small. Our teams were included at all possible points of a project: from end-to-end development to fixing a mess in the critical final stages of projects. This accrued and assorted proficiency makes Melon a sought-after and proven consulting partner for any kind of application development.

Maintenance and Support

A number of our clients have been with us for several years even after the project initial development had finished. Our soundest business comes exactly from these long-term relationships which we aim to develop with every client. Melon’s teams make for a project’s smooth transition into the often underestimated maintenance and support phase. We also have a dedicated team especially for support tasks whether they be for projects developed at Melon or elsewhere.

QA and Testing

From Melon’s early days we recognized the value of having a dedicated, in-house quality assurance team for our application development projects. Our QA process evolved along with all contemporary approaches like unit and automated testing, but the team is also involved with business logic analyses, functional testing, usability analyses, heuristic evaluation, browser compatibility & scalability, and UI automation. The experience accumulated in many years of dealing with QA and testing has now allowed us to offer it as a separate service business line.

Type of Projects

Our teams have worked with all popular and practical types of software development methodologies: agile, waterfall, prototyping, incremental, and mixed. Thanks to the amassed knowledge, we are now able to pick, in accordance with our clients and partners, the right developers, teams and approaches for all types of projects. However, the project types we have strongest skills at are the following:

Application Development (Mobile, Web, Desktop)

From the start Melon’s was primarily using Microsoft’s development platform and continues to do so through ASP.NET, SharePoint, Windows Phone and others. In parallel, we were developing the open source coding platforms like PHP, Python and Ruby for which now dedicated teams exist within the company. In the mobile area, we were adopting all top platforms as they appeared (and dropping them as they became obsolete). This open, flexible strategy allowed us to be a leading mobile application development company in Bulgaria. The combination of all these platforms paired with auxiliary, but no weaker, teams for HTML/JS/CSS, Flash/Flex, UI/UX and quality assurance gives Melon the unique ability to handle just about any type of application development tasks. Our teams enjoy building solutions targetting multiple platforms and devices more than anything.

Enterprise System and Application Development

We are a proven technology partner for a growing number enterprise-level clients. Our developers are still pushing some of the solutions forward, adapting them to market needs and emerging technological opportunities. Through Melon’s partnerships, our teams have worked both as dedicated, entirely outsourced development units and hand-in-hand with companies’ in-house resources. The most desired projects are those where we are challenged to dive into the intricacies of a sizeable problem that needs cracking and then to discover and develop a completely fitting, efficient solution to address it. 


Product Development

Melon has significant history in developing and marketing it’s own products. This makes us a wise choice as a development partner for your own solution planned to hit the market on time and in a market-ready state. Our teams know the ins and outs of product development and the important differences between the software service and software product business. We have people who are experienced and excited to be involved for the entire product development lifecycle - from design to market launch and support.

UI/UX Design

At the core of the original merger that formed Melon was the symbiosis between software development and user experience design. Our creative team has been actively developed as a solid UI/UX option for mobile and web projects alike. The imaginative part of our work is the secret sauce to successfully identifying and polishing the projects’ elements facing the end user.

New Media and Content Development

We were fortunate enough to have one of the original departments at Melon involved with interactive media from the dawn of this engaging and powerful area of the digital era. Powered by the design team, content development experts and excellent programmers passionate about rich internet applications, Melon is confident about its ability to create engaging experiences for education, advertising and entertainment purposes.

Engagement Models

If we have learned anything over the close to 15 years of growing as a software outsourcing company, it is that no two projects are alike. From any point of view. An aspect which you need to get right is finding the appropriate way to handle the business side. We all love software, but most of people involved with IT are not keen on either taking or giving money. Our experience narrowed the possible approaches to the following three:

Dedicated (Extended) Team

Engaging a dedicated team has become the most popular model for working with our long-term partners for several reasons. It is cost-effective, hassle-free and gives just the required amount of control and input. This goes for both the client and the development team. Melon’s size, experience and familiarity with various technological platforms (both web and mobile) allows us to build the most suitable team to match the client and the project. Melon takes on the responsibility to support the team and facilitate the process through the unavoidable, unforeseen difficulties with little or no impact on the final outcome. We believe that an outsourcing company proves its worth when things do not go according to plan. Our partners confirm and appreciate Melon for how we handled the tough times. The client, on the other hand, is responsible to optimally utilize the available resource. Melon consciously aims towards establishing this model with all clients.


This engagement model best guarantees that the price and resulting service will coincide. The client receives regular reports of how every manhour was spent on the project. While this provides a lot of transparency, it can at times be a hassle and a bit more difficult to manage than necessary in exchange for fundamental fairness. Many of our long-term partners prefer the time-and-materials for small-scale or support projects. More than for any other other model, mutual trust, understanding and acting in good faith are a must.

Fixed Price

The classic model where the vendor and the client agree on the pricing for a set of specific deliverables before any development starts. Our experience shows that most of the fixed price projects at some point become a tug of war with unforeseen, but necessary changes beyond the specification on one side, and the deadline, limited budget and ambiguous responsibility behind the changes on the other. Still, Melon’s battle-hardened teams are clever enough to preemptively handle and mitigate the risk for most situations (including avoid a project completely). A lot of our new clients assign us fixed price projects in order to evaluate our ability and attitude, which we are more than happy to embrace in exchange for a promise of a mutually beneficial long-term partnership.