Visual And User Experience Design

At Melon we repeatedly state that we provide meaningful solutions. More precisely, we find the optimal path between the meaning behind the project and the end result. We like to delve into the problem, not just projections of a solution based on blueprints. This path starts at the reason a project exists, i.e. the problems it solves, and ends with providing the user a snug place where to take advantage of these solutions. The feel of a solution (your brain saying that it is aesthetically pleased in this place) and its utility value (your brain saying that it sees the way to accomplish what it intends to) are married through the science and art of visual and user experience design.

Our job is to bring this compound of emotions and ease of use to any complex system. The process involves several phases and centers around the user. The team researches the application’s needs, creates and develops visual concepts, designs layouts, works with typography and brand identities.

The deliverables to the client include:

Interface And Digital Design

We envision, prototype and design interfaces across multiple platforms and devices -- desktop, web, and mobile.

Interaction Design

We enrich experiences through meaningful, intuitive user flows..

Design Research

Like classical architects, today’s interface designers need to familiarize themselves with the entire context of a solution, which requires in-depth research for better understanding of user behaviors, culture, habits and environment to get to the heart of what matters to people. The most practical approach is using prototyping, which is why we never get tired of creating trial solutions to be reviewed and tested by the target users.

Design Strategy

We work closely with clients and users to help optimize their experiences. Sometimes these conversations and prototyping take us beyond the solution at hand. In wishing to create a comprehensive, working visual and interactive design we ideally also like to the discuss the overall design strategy of our client. With a number of years of experience behind us, we are able to combine pure, functional expertise and industry knowledge into a homogenous, long-lasting whole.


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