Melon delivers software and new media services. Our offering has evolved from development of corporate websites and multimedia presentations to designing and building of comprehensive online businesses, process improvement enterprise solutions and integrated solutions for the converging web, mobile and desktop environments.

The majority of Melon clients are:

Software Companies and Web Agencies that need a reliable outsourcing partner, able to provide them with exceptional technology and design talent fast and at an exceptional value, combined with a great culture match and a well-organized result-oriented work environment. 

Enterprise Customers that require custom software solutions and applications. We have a strong focus on developing custom applications that require extensive business analysis and complex engineering design. We know the challenges and the priorities of the enterprise customer and have the talent and processes to meet them. We’ve worked with fortune 500 companies and large enterprises since 2001 and most of them continue to use our services.

Startup companies that intend to do their business predominantly online or through mobile devices. We create extended teams that make sure the technology part of the new business is organized and managed by people  with the experience to do that. Our experience to help startups launch and reach profitability quickly and at an optimal cost is extensive. Most of the startups that partner with Melon have gone through first of second round of VC or Angel investor-backed financing.

Additionally, we have helped a number of SMEs, NGOs and government institutions

We pride ourselves on excellent: 

  • People, process and project management 
  • Analysis, design, development and quality 
  • Creativity and technical expertise 


and we work in close cooperation with our clients to ensure:

  • Thorough business analysis and understanding of business objectives 
  • Transparent and proactive service delivery 
  • Excellent customer service, communication and support


Clients Speak

We have used Melon's services and products for several years to complement our in-house consultants and developers and we have found their team to be creative, proactive and highly professional.

John O'Sullivan

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