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Project Planning and Specification

Some of our clients come to us with a clear business strategy and goals, but a relatively unstructured definition of their technology needs. The way their e-commerce platform is designed to sell their products or the services categorization of their intranet portal are oftentimes just a set of scattered ideas and examples of good practices. That’s where our senior project managers, software architects and usability experts come in. They try to gather all business requirements, conduct a series of interviews with the client and the major project stakeholders and produce a detailed set of specification documents, quality assurance and test plans, user interface wireframes and concept designs as well as detailed project development and support plans. Our specification and planning phase deliverables are done in a way that ensures a mutual understanding of what needs to be done and how.

Mobile Strategy

Things happen with an impressive pace in the mobile industry today, presenting many opportunities for businesses worldwide to re-defining the concept of access and delivery to information and the way of doing business. To put is simply, when it comes to your business, mobile is something you must not ignore.

One of the pioneer developers of mobile apps, Melon can help you define your mobile strategy or update your general business strategy adopting the possibilities and opportunities of the mobile devices. Our key competences include:

  • Comprehensive Mobile Industry Insight
  • Award-winning product and project portfolio of native apps and mobile solutions
  • Extensive experience in designing user interfaces for small screens and touch screens
  • Digital rights management and integration of custom DRM and billing solutions
  • Full-cycle software testing on various mobile platforms
  • Experienced, almost real-time technical support
  • Access and experience with a great mobile apps distribution network.

We know, develop, support and market mobile apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iTouch), BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Symbian.

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Web and Social Media Strategy

The social conversation between businesses and their community of client, partners and friends transformed from sporadic humming into a substantial chunk of almost every marketing strategy in just a few years. The trends that this conversation will intensify even more are obvious. People will talk about your company, your products, and your mistakes with or without you – they own the floor now.  Companies are now adapting to this new way of telling people about their value proposition in a way that’s acceptable and in a form that is appropriate.

We are happy to help you with your social media strategy so that the “follow us, connect to us, like us, watch us, check-in and see a special near by” form into a meaningful, constructive and value-adding conversation between you and your community.

Clients Speak

Melon's team has inspired us with enthusiasm about eLearning, great design, simple but flexible functionality, client-oriented approach and most of all - genuine knack for 'making things work' even if the project seems impossible at times.

Eli Pesheva

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