Melon has been consulting, designing, developing and maintaining web sites and applications since 2001. Besides constantly growing in number and now housing over 100 web developers on different platforms, we are proud to claim that we’ve developed strength in terms of diverse web technologies and a compelling level of knowledge for each of them.


Majority of our web application and platform development projects were implemented using .NET. We’ve been tied to the platform since version 1.1. Projects nowadays are based on Web Forms and MVC Framework. One example of our work is a leading online restaurant booking platform Bookatable.com.


Our leading open source web development platform is PHP. Melon’s team has experience using many of the numerous frameworks, most notably Zend, Symfony, CodeIgniter and CakePHP. A sample of our PHP work is one of Europe’s top photo sharing platforms – Fotoalbum.eu.


This versatile programming language has gained significant traction in the past years. Most of our experience is related to the Django framework. We have significant knowledge in using Python as an instrument for online game development, where we have been working on large projects for several years.


We have a small team proficient in the Ruby programming language. More specifically, our experience is in the Ruby on Rails framework, as well as REST Services and PostgreSQL database. Our team has strong knowledge of GeoSpatial databases PostGIS (PostgreSQL) and Javascript libraries: GoogleMaps APIs, OpenLayers, etc.


Melon’s web development team quickly picked up on this high-performance platform as a well-founded server-side development solution and gained experience with the now widespread Node.js and Express frameworks.


Melon has a substantial group of people with strong experience in all things JavaScript. We are proficient with a number of frameworks, especially jQuery and AngularJS. Also, our team has excellent knowledge in node.js.


Our front-end team has abundant experience in the growingly mature and versatile presentation layer technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. At this point, we have accumulated exceptional knowledge in responsive design and related libraries (Bootstrap, LESS and others).


The mobile department of Melon has been a part of the mobile apps ecosystem even before the boom that came with the introduction of the iPhone in January 2007. As the industry was flourishing and expanding, so were our mobile development teams. We've worked on all major platforms, both natively and through cross-platform applications, and dropped some of them as they drifted of the map. The number of projects and own products at Melon easily covers a three-digit figure and the variety is no less impressive - from simple apps to enterprise solutions and complex technological implementations.


Our team has developed a variety of apps on this platform and has been doing this since the dawn of Android. We feel strongest in three areas: 1) location-based development where we have experience with the new fused location and activity detection; 2) client-server communication using libraries like GSON, Jackson, Volley, Apache, and others, while we also have sound knowledge in ORMs, for example OrmLite; 3) game development based on andengine.


We have been an active part of the iOS development community from since the landmark year of 2007. We have experience with Objective-C, Core Services, Media and Cocoa Touch frameworks, developer tools (Xcode 5 and 6), and workflows (both manual memory management and ARC,  profiling, unit testing, continuous integration, provisioning, distributing and submission to the App Store). Our specialized expertise is in areas of location-based development, as well as iBeacon technology. We also have solid experience in game development with SpriteKit.


As certified Microsoft partners, this companies grand entrance onto the mobile OS market was very exciting. We jumped onboard right away and have been actively involved in the ride ever since. Our apps were among the first and best-selling in some of the categories on the Windows Store and have also won several national and international competitions. We are apt in both designing and developing compelling apps, stretching the technical capabilities of Windows Phone devices (phones and tablets alike).


This relatively recent cross-platform development platform leverages the .NET framework and C# codebase to compile for Windows Phone, iOS and Android. We have built database driven application modules using SQLite with server synchronization and MindScape's LightSpeed .NET ORM. Our rich experience with Microsoft's development stack helped us get familiarized quickly, although most of the user interface hardships of cross-platform development still persist.


After experimenting with different cross-platform mobile app building solutions, PhoneGap has proven as the overall favorite for our developers. Specifically, besides creating mostly presentational apps, we have also integrated Cordova libraries within native iOS and Android applications, as well as Windows desktop solutions. Some of the apps we built for our major client Bookatable.


One of the first development platforms we’ve used at Melon was Flash, later Flex and now Adobe AIR. Despite late Jobs’ comments, our team has proven that there is a place for Flash on mobile and it’s mostly advantageous in cross-platform development. We have built everything from simple apps to enterprise solutions and games for both Android and iOS. Our team is very comfortable with the platform and its native extensions.



Building upon the latest SharePoint 2013 support for HTML5, all latest browsers and mobile devices compatibility, we have extensive experience in both implementing fluid and complex graphic designs, and catering for all screen sizes and device form factors. Touch, mobile, responsive, asynchronous user experience - when it comes to styling, SharePoint has its peculiarities and we are here to help with the challenge.


In contrast to typical web development, SharePoint offers a broad range of ready out-of-the-box components that provide rich functionality and support detailed customization. We can help you get the most of your SharePoint investment by designing and implementing your business processes and collaboration needs when it comes to document management, corporate social, project and team collaboration, customer support and issue tracking, marketing and product sites, training and certification, and more.


Every now and then, out-of-the-box SharePoint will come short exactly where you need it and only using server side code can get you there. Traditionally, Melon is very strong with the Microsoft technology stack and SharePoint is no exception since 2007. We have developed numerous solutions using bespoke webparts, features, fields, forms, reports, charts, workflows, timer jobs, web services, etc. implementing specific business requirements or interfacing to external systems via BDCS, SOAP, or REST. Lately a lot of interesting integrations involve cloud hosting solutions and Office 365.



Used for anything from basic animation and motion graphics, through e-learning courses, to sizeable games and cross-device (including desktop) business applications, Flash and Flex have been a good friend in need for a number of diverse requests from our clients. We confidently claim that there are very few secrets for Melon’s team, if any, around this platform.


Melon has very rich experience in .NET Windows Forms, Silverlight and WPF. We have also developed MAC OS X desktop applications mostly for enterprise solutions and specialized industry use.