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At Melon, we value character, motivation and results.

In return, we offer a great team, friendly environment and exciting work. We work on many interesting and challenging projects for clients in the US and Europe.

Even if you find no suitable openings, feel free to send us your CV and cover letter. We are always interested in talented people with potential: let us know how you can make a difference at Melon.

Send general career inquiries to careers@melontech.com.

Contact our CEO Krum Hadjigeorgiev if you need to get more information about Melon and the opportunities here directly from one of the company's founders.

Before we meet, we encourage you to learn a little more about us.
A good starting place is our mission statement:

Our passion is to deliver meaningful solutions through expertise and creativity. We love challenges and believe in hard work, integrity and positivity. We are a software company.
What to expect at the interview

Our interviews go much like a friendly conversation. We assess technical and interpersonal skills, logical thinking, and motivation by giving candidates both technical and non-technical questions and tasks. Bring your good mood, no black ties and any questions you may have for us.

Working at Melon
The most enticing and universal feature of working at Melon is the feeling of teamwork. It is in our culture to work together and help a buddy whenever we can. Even if your team is very small, not currently in the office or taking a nap, there will always be someone to drop by and give you a nudge.

Chances are you will work on projects for clients with all sorts of ideas, from small and innovative to large ones affecting entire organizations. If you are a developer, except for specific tasks, you will have freedom to contribute to your project and even be in charge of some things, because we believe in responsibility. The rest is standard: at times you will have releases which may feel a little hectic but then it feels so good. We use agile and have SCRUM masters, which generally helps.

Learning at Melon

Do not worry if you have not yet become the tech guru you dream of. We believe that growth is only possible through learning, which is why we offer our teams a suitable environment for development. Part of this effort is our internal learning ground, the Melon Training Program. Our training academy includes technical courses in diverse areas, from advanced technical topics to project management, to English language.
As for the rest...
We  are fans of flextime and casual clothes, enjoy and occasionally make music, are suckers for foosball and board games and have no particular favorite color, but lots of role models.

Additionally, please, take a look at our Melon Mobile career page for opportunities in the Mobile Applications division.