Melon is ISO Certified to 9001, 14001 and 27001 Standards

After a successful certification process and audit, Melon officially fulfilled all criteria to become an ISO-certified company for the most common and important standards. These include 9001 (quality management system ), 14001 (effective environmental management system) and 27001 (information security management system).


Melon's Growth in Skopje Requires a New Office

Less than a year after venturing into Skopje with an initial, core team of six developers, Melon Skopje has now hit a tally of 25 which required a larger office. We continue building upon our good reputation with the help of our local colleagues.


Melon Sets Foot on the Benelux Market

Melon opened a new business development office to expand its outsourcing services throughout Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.


Melon Now 150 Strong

By growing both its mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc.) and web (ASP.NET, PHP, Python, Ruby) technology portfolios, Melon now counts 150 people including 130 production staff (developers, QAs, designers).


Melon's Work Recognized Locally, Worldwide

Melon won its first Bulgarian Web Awards and Mobile World Summit awards. Ever since Melon is a top Bulgarian web and mobile development company.


Melon Grows to 100

Melon officially employs 100 people and keeps counting.


Melon Established

Once again, through a common investor and much to benefit from each other's strong points, two companies - WebGate and Melon Technologies - merged. WebGate brought to the table its proven mobile expertise and product development know-how, Melon Technologies cames with its sizable workforce, web development and design knowledge. WebGate became Melon Mobile - a part of Melon's brand family.


Melon Technologies Opens Offices in Veliko Tarnovo

For the first time in its history, Melon Technologies opened a branch outside of Sofia. Due to a significant concentration of development talent the new office opened in the town of Veliko Tarnovo.


Melon Technologies Reaches 50 Employees

Through organic growth and good reputation, Melon Technologies already houses 50 developers, designers and administrative staff.


Melon Technologies Established

Thanks to a common investor and a natural symbiosis between a strictly web development company and a design & creative studio, Melon Technologies was founded through a merger of AdVenture and WebLang.


AdVenture Founded

Another three American University in Bulgaria alumni, after working together on a multimedia project, started a creative, new media company named AdVenture.


WebLang Founded, Becomes Microsoft Partner

After working for French online business as developers three alumni from the American University in Bulgaria founded a Sofia-based web development outsourcing company called WebLang. Soon thereafter, the company became a certified Microsoft partner.


WebGate JSC Turns to Mobile Development

WebGate JSC became a company among pioneers and subsequently leaders in Symbian development. Through the years, WebGate exhibited steady organic growth, gathering strength on the worldwide markets as a software developer and provider of mobile applications to end-users, distributors and OEM partners.