Melon Girl Power

In 2015, 1.4 million people were studying information and communication technologies (ICT) in the EU. Though, only 17% were women, validating the fact that men dominate the ICT labor market.

However, Bulgaria is a different story. The country has been recognized as the leading EU Member State when it comes to female IT students and specialists. Recent Eurostat Research shows that in Bulgaria 27.7% of all working IT specialists are women and 34.4% of the IT students.

At Melon, the story is even better. Our team consists of more than 160 professionals. Of them, 38.3% are women. We are very happy for being able to host all these talented and charming ladies. They’ve added an amazing value both to our tech work and office atmosphere.   

Melon is proud that our developers – both male and female, have taken active participation as volunteer organizers and mentors in Django Girls and Rails Girls. These are annual free, open source workshops that make technology more accessible to girls, help them see it as a platform for their ideas and defy stereotypes on coding.