The Ideal Melon Team-Mate

Since the very beginning in 2003, our company values have been helping us shape our vision and very often take the right decisions for our organization. Melon’s culture is what keeps us together as a team and as a strong and trustworthy business. 

Be smart, be nice, and make things happen are the three key ingredients that we believe make a quality partner. If one is missing, the rest are irrelevant. 

Naturally, we are looking for these traits when hiring new members of our software development teams in Bulgaria and North Macedonia. Let us break it down why.

Be Smart

An ideal team member at Melon should always seek growth and life-long learning because the only direction we want to keep moving is forward. Being smart is not only about being clever and knowledgeable in your field of work, but also being motivated to stay up-to-date with the dynamics in the software development business. Also, it means being a good team player. For us, being smart is showing appreciation of the people you work with and striving to learn from all of them.

It is only natural for us, as a software development company, to undergo changes and sometimes they happen abruptly. Therefore, it’s important to remain flexible. Take the COVID-19 pandemic, for example. Almost our entire lives shifted online. Having team members who are able to adapt quickly to all kinds of situations brings much value. 

Be Nice

Working with people is not always easy. However, if you go through your daily challenges with kindness, understanding and you don’t let your ego come in the way, everything seems a little easier to handle. We like people who don’t see their colleagues as competitors but rather as people from whom they can learn and help them back when needed. 

We strive to be open, honest and transparent on any level of decisions we take. That’s why, an ideal Melon team member carries authenticity and integrity. They are not afraid to openly communicate with other team members and the management alike when issues arise. They admit when they have made a mistake and are okay to take constructive criticism, as well as to give constructive feedback. 

Make Things Happen

At the end of the day, we are a software development service company. And we do deliver. We aim to grasp the meaning behind the clients’ requirements, rather than just the specification, and then serve a working piece of software within the set frame. Or better. That’s why, we appreciate people who are eager to make things happen.

We’re looking for team-players who could make the best of the high level of autonomy coupled with matching responsibility that we offer at Melon. We believe being proactive and passionate is contagious and working in such an environment is what helps us reach the desired milestones.

These are the  three main qualities that make a developer the perfect fit for our software teams. For years now, these simple lines have been helping us when hiring new members and when working with clients from all over the world. They’ve brought us this far only because we’ve applied them together.