Women in the Industry of Change

We believe in a world where competence is not a function of gender but rather of acquired skills, growth, experience, and efforts. Sadly, and despite national conversations on the need for policy-makers to improve women’s labor market, numbers show that women are still underrepresented in the tech industry. Statistics show that around 20% of the tech workforce in the EU are women. Even though, governments, organizations, and businesses are working on closing the gender gap in tech, they still have a long way to go.

And talking about numbers, we at Melon do take pride that 38% of our colleagues are women. Yes, in this aspect we’re fortunate to come from the SEE region where the number of tech girls is higher than EU average. According to the Women in Digital Scoreboard report, some 28% of ICT entrepreneurs in Bulgaria are women compared to an average of 17% in Europe.

A good reason behind the trend has to do with the tech education traditions in Bulgaria and the SEE region. According to Eurostat data Bulgaria is among the EU member states with the highest number of female engineers and scientists – 52% female. We also believe that the better numbers in female employment rates in the region’s ICT industry is due to the dynamics of the labor market and the joint efforts of the ICT businesses and the educational institutions rather than the result of targeted national policies.

For example, the remote work, fostered by the pandemic, greatly improved women’s work-life balance. They were able to gain higher autonomy and confidence in their career development while devoting enough time to their family members. It’s no surprise that almost a third of women in the tech industry prefer to continue to work from home, because they have improved their efficiency and acquired more freedom. 

This is possible due to good time management. And colleagues’ and companies’ understanding and support. We do embrace flexible working hours and work-from-home. The pandemic proved something that we have always valued, and that’s results, not office hours.

Why do we need more women in tech?

Simply, the demand for meaningful ICT talent is growing. Technology is advancing the world we live in and we need computer engineers in literally every industry – healthcare, financial services, transportation, energy, retail, etc. 

Then, women bring diversity and hence innovation to every table they are invited to. They come with different energy, experience, and way of thinking. Considering their viewpoints results in better problem-solving. It helps businesses increase their revenues. Women can do so much more for the IT sector if they get the chance to be part of it.

The business sector recognizes the possibilities for women in the IT industry. Their future in tech depends on the sector’s ability to motivate young girls to study technology throughout their school. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing young girls being empowered by women in tech industry.

That is why we believe that Women in Tech Macedonia is a great example of a an organization on a mission to help women embrace technology. They are a part of the global movement with a goal to empower 5 million women and girls by 2030.

And we are always on the lookout for talents with the right values. The opportunity to grow with us depends only on the potential and effort, not gender. If you are smart, nice and you make things happen, explore our job openings and join us!