Angel Angelov

Angel Angelov

.NET Developer

2017 - Currently

At Melon, you can grow

Angel Angelov started as a .NET intern at our office in Veliko Tarnovo. In high school, he studied financial accounting. “I was pretty good at it,” he smiles, “but I didn’t quite see myself following this path.” When trying to imagine his future, he saw himself growing as a professional in a different area with more opportunities for career development. His passion for computer games brought him to study Software Engineering. 

In his second year, Angel joined Melon as an intern. He applied at Melon because of a job ad he saw. “At the interview, I was dissatisfied with my performance. However, I am persistent, and they saw that I have potential,” he says. So, Melon offered him an internship position. “People at the company are helpful and warmhearted. They will never turn their backs on you.” Angel knew that Melon is the right place for him right from the beginning. He was nervous, but the team lead who interviewed him made him feel at ease. He liked the environment very much. At the interview, Angel found out that the developers at the office are like a family and hold on to each other. Three years later, he says that it is still true. 

The biggest challenge Angel has had so far was the beginning as a junior .NET developer. He had to learn fast to catch up with the rest of the developers. “I used to read a lot, tons of books,” he says. Angel also had to complete a couple of small projects to get familiar with the set of skills and technologies he needed. The first big software project he was assigned to was to build new functionality for Melon’s E-library which already offered employees over 180 different titles. 

Angel loves helping colleagues and one of his recent achievements is that his intern got a job offer from Melon. “I appreciate when new developers join Melon. This motivates me to go to the office because I enjoy meeting new people,” he says. 

Angel’s favorite project so far is the one he is currently working on. He says he likes it the most because of the teamwork. He enjoys it when everyone is friendly, contributes their fair share, and communicates perfectly well. “I love when I see the results of our joint efforts, that’s what satisfies me the most,” Angel says.

His goal is to become a Technical Project Manager at Melon. Since Angel loves working with people, he would like to be in a position where he would be helping them with reaching their objectives. The project management is also interesting to him as a process, resource management, planning, budgeting, etc. 

The thing he likes the most about his job is the opportunity for career development. “At Melon, you can grow,” Angel says. Since he was born in a village near Veliko Tarnovo, he appreciates that he can work remotely when needed. “There is no place like home,” he smiles. 

“One of my colleagues once told me that I am like a walking encyclopedia. I am interested in so many different things.” “Buying books is my hobby,” he laughs. “However, I am struggling to find time to read them all”. Books about personal development are his favorites. Recently, he prefers entrepreneurial literature though. Another hobby of Angel is cooking and having guests over.