Bisera Gjorgoska

Bisera Gjorgoska

Senior Android Developer


Melon taught me to work hard, to be realistic about my goals, and stay modest. For me, these three are the key to success”

In 2016, Bisera Gjorgoska joined Melon’s office in Skopje as an Android Developer. Her interest in software development stems from her love of math and logic. She began her journey in high school when she started learning programming languages and decided to pursue her education in this field in the future. Bisera studied at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in Skopje and got interested in Mobile Development in the last year of her studies. Android development had only recently begun to gain popularity at the time.

“It looked very challenging to me, so I decided to write my final thesis on that topic. Then, I got my first job as an Android Developer”.

Bisera learned about Melon from her friends who were working at the company back then and presented her the company as an opportunity to continue her career and growth. Few months later she joined Melon. It was 2016. 

Bisera says that the company has changed a lot since then. “Our developers in Skopje were no more than 20. All were working in a big house converted into an office,” she remembers. Bisera says that she was unsure about the working atmosphere at the beginning. But then, it turned out that it was the best place so far. Bisera recalls the various get-togethers that all teammates had on the balcony. They talked about their days while drinking coffee and laughing. "And now, in Skopje, we are 100 strong!"

“At Melon, we are like one big family.”

Bisera says that since then Melon has grown into a large and well-known company. The company provided her with a lot of work experience, and it is an honor for her that she has grown significantly as a professional here. 

“Melon taught me to work hard, to be realistic about my goals, and stay modest. For me, these three things are the key to success”.

Bisera says that Melon is flexible, progressive and that people rely on and help each other. For her, these are the most important qualities that a software development company can offer. 

She says she strives to find the silver lining in any given situation and to approach it with optimism. “Mobile development is very dynamic, requires flexibility, and constant learning.”

Bisera considers herself an imaginative person and in her job, she loves the perfect balance between logic and creativity. She enjoys sharing knowledge with her colleagues and believes that this makes her a better person. Bisera also enjoys the cheerful and calm atmosphere at the office. 

"Developers should be skilled at problem-solving and be creative in their approach to different issues. When I take upon a problem, I am satisfied and motivated to take a new challenge."

Bisera's advice to new Melon teammates is to find their right place in the organization so that they can preserve the positive working environment. If an employee is satisfied with their job, no obstacle can stop them from reaching their goal. 

Her team consists of seven developers. Bisera was the second to join it. She appreciates working with them since they communicate well and share a common sense of humor.

“Since the very beginning, we have set some tangible, but high goals and we are working hard to achieve them.”

Bisera’s free time is filled with games and cheers with her little daughter. Still, in her spare time, she enjoys doing handcrafted art, which requires patience and precision. Bisera has a new passion called Quilling – scraps of paper are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create a decorative design. Some of the designs, she frames and gives to her friends and family as presents. Quilling relaxes her a lot and there is nothing that makes Bisera happier than seeing her loved ones smiling.