Georgi Djupanov

Georgi Djupanov

PHP Project Manager

The people I work with at Melon are fresh, friendly and professional.

On May 1, 2013, Georgi started working at Melon as a PHP Developer. Today he’s a Team Lead and a Project Manager. “I don’t know if it’s a happy coincidence or Melon is just that kind of a place – but here I’d been able to achieve all the goals and deadlines I’ve pinned on my road map,” he says. “And this makes me really happy.”

Previously Georgi worked as a developer at a small, 10-people company until he felt he needed more room for development and to be part of something bigger. A friend of his at Melon highly recommended the environment. Georgi knew that the PHP team at that time was very small and this was one of the most attractive features – he thought he would be able to grow together with it. 

In the beginning at Melon Georgi participated in diverse support projects and Melon’s own ones. Six months ago a brand new project for online live chat widget that connects companies, customers and chat agents arrived and ever since Georgi has been supervising it. His team consists of 9 members, including front-end, back-end, Android, iOS developers and a designer. 

This is the most interesting and challenging project he’s encountered so far, especially when it comes to the technologies in use. The stack is new and the members of the team have to adapt really quickly. 

Another big challenge for Georgi is being a project manager. The most difficult part is finding the right means of communication with all the different characters in the team. On the other end is the client who in this case is not into technologies and requires more detailed and basic explanations to understand how it all works. Sometimes, Georgi says, he has to use examples from every-day life that have nothing to do with technologies but are comprehended easily by non-specialists.

He’s learned the hard way that not making a fast decision harms the work. He says this is the most difficult and most valuable skill he’s mastered as a project manager. Also now he’s better at communicating with people. He tries to emphasize their strong features and help them outgrow their weaknesses.  Georgi says that he takes the same approach to himself. 

He’s eager to learn many more new technologies. But most of all he wants to get even better at communicating with the different team members and at facilitating the communication between them. He believes it’s a lifelong learning. Next on his road map is being a project manager of several projects and supervising a number of teams at a time.     

Georgi likes the best at Melon that he can develop further and his road map clicked perfectly with Melon’s goals.  He dislikes something that in his opinion can never be fixed – the conflict between development and business processes. For example, very often the clients want fast deliveries. But quality products cannot be developed that hastily and an optimal solutions are in great demand.

There’re days when Georgi prefers working on large long-term projects because in these cases he can go into the details and learn some good practices. On the other hand the work is not that dynamic which can be a real drag. That is why there’re days when Georgi would rather opt for the dynamics of smaller projects.  

If he had to describe Melon to a friend, he would pick the people he works with, the ones he works for and the projects he’s involved in. The first bunch is fresh, friendly and professional. The clients he has worked for are polite and open-minded. And the software projects are challenging and introduce new technologies.