Militsa Delcheva

Militsa Delcheva

Project Manager


I am encouraged to develop and learn. In all the teams, I found great people. The communication with the management is smooth and easy.

Militsa joined Melon in 2021 as a Senior Technical Support Expert. In high school, she focused on Informatics, but later decided to dive into Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Genetics, etc. As a result, she got a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Gene and Cell Engineering. She never fully lost her interest in Computer Science though, and by the time she earned her bachelor's degree, she had already become part of the IT industry.

Militsa learned about Melon from a friend who is still at the company.

He made it easy for her to observe and fully understand the culture, values, and the people-oriented approach of the organization. “I liked what I was hearing about Melon, and I liked the idea to be part of such a company. I am happy that I ended up at Melon,” Militsa says. She also says that Melon has grown a lot but that kind of attitude toward the team hasn't changed. 

Militsa has been growing too – currently she is a Project Manager. She is unable to choose which project has been her favorite so far. Since the beginning, she has been working on four software development projects, three of which co-related: TollPass, FMS, and Vinetki. All of them are dynamic, with complex systems and functionalities.  

“To me, Melon is an excellent environment with many opportunities to those who are keen on growing. I am encouraged to develop and learn. In all the teams, I found great people. The communication with the management is smooth and easy,” Militsa says. 

At Melon, she learned that not everything  is “by the book”. “We have an individual approach to each client, and we look for a tailored solution that works for them. The phrase "teamwork is the most important" may be a cliché but is true. It is crucial to be able to trust those around you. Everyone is mindful of the responsibilities at hand, exchanges know-how, and assists when the team faces an issue,” Militsa says.

She now has a self-entrusted project and can put the theory she has learned into practice. “Having the sole responsibility is a completely different work experience that will teach me a lot,” Militsa says. She is proud that she has been able to gain the management's trust and they have recognized her potential.

Militsa’s advice to the new people joining Melon is to get used to being a part of a team if they are not already because it is essential to make things happen. 

She likes to spend her free time baking cakes and other treats, but does it mostly at night, as the day goes for motorbike riding and other outdoor activities.