Sandra Nikoloska

Sandra Nikoloska

Front-end Developer

At Melon, I like the positive and friendly atmosphere.

Sandra Nikoloska has been part of our Front-end team in Skopje since 2015. 

She graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics in Skopje with a bachelor degree in Informatics and Computer Science and is a few steps away from her masters’ degree in E-business. 

A friend of hers recommended Melon, so she took the shot and applied. It turned out that she had previously worked with most of the software developers at the company.

Work at Melon

Currently, she is building a nightlife web application for a Swiss client using Angular 5 – a relatively new framework. Sandra loves being challenged with new technologies and that’s why this is her most favorite project so far. 

Encouragement for acquiring new knowledge

“At Melon, I like the positive and friendly atmosphere which makes even the hard work enjoyable and fun,” she says. She also likes the support she finds here. Sandra is encouraged to keep learning new things. She is happy that Melon gives her the opportunity to work on various projects with diverse colleagues and clients. 

Here, she learned how to handle different situations and developed her soft skills.

Open communication at Melon

Sandra likes that Melon provides training and events for its teams. She wishes for more of them in Skopje because often her work prevents her attending a tech conference in Bulgaria.

She believes that Melon is always open to suggestions. “Whenever I recommend that our team needs more training in something, the company will offer it,” she says.

Team diversity

She enjoys smooth communication with the Bulgarian colleagues. Currently, her team consists of people from Veliko Tarnovo and Sofia as well. They do their best to travel between offices because it is better for the workflow and the project. The face-to-face interaction always has a positive impact and it is beneficial to get to know each other better.

Sandra sees Melon as a place where she can continue to grow and further develop her soft and technical skills. 

Life beyond work

Her free time, she mainly enjoys spending with her niece. She also likes to travel. So far, her favorite place is Paris and she dreams of visiting Madagascar one day. Other than that, Sandra likes playing both table tennis and on-court tennis.