Stefan Dzalev

Stefan Dzalev

Data Engineer


Melon offers an environment where people can build on their skills, and also develop new ones.

Stefan joined Melon’s Skopje office in the beginning of 2022 as Data Engineer.

His passion for computers started when he was 6. Naturally, he followed his interest for software development by perusing a number of informatics courses and choosing to major in Computer Science and Engineering.

Stefan studied at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Saints Cyril and Methodius University – Skopje. His previous experience included a year of being part of a team that developed a Data Warehouse for a utilities company. Following that, he was part of the Data Team of a pizza ordering app that facilitated 15,000 pizzerias.

He says that Melon was, and continues to be, a great choice for him.

 “Be smart, be nice, make things happen was the first thing I found out about Melon and this was the main catalyst for my decision.”

Since he applied, he noticed three major positive changes. Melon became part of Kin + Carta, the shift to hybrid work, and the growth in number of team-members in the past year. 

“The only constant in life is change, this applies to Melon too.”

Stefan says that at Melon he learned a lot of new skills and software technologies. Working on the softwared development project he was assigned to since he joined the company helped him grow, both professionally and personally. 

The most valuable lesson he learned at Melon is to “always speak up your mind”.

Being part of the Data Team for Coca-Cola Hellenic is the most interesting thing for him so far. It is the largest and the most challenging project he has been part of.

Stefan likes that most of the time all the developers do their tasks individually. But what he enjoys the most is the teamwork to make things happen.

He used to be a firm believer that work from home is better but now he loves more going to the office.

Stefan encourages people who love interesting projects, great colleagues and a wonderful working atmosphere to apply.

“Melon offers an environment where people can build on their skills, and also develop new ones. You should never be afraid if you don’t know something.”

Being a self-thought guitar player, he sometimes plays the guitar in his spare time, but unfortunately not as much as he used to. Photography is something that has had a place in his heart since very young age. But most of his free time he spends socializing with friends over coffee.