Todor Mutafov

Todor Mutafov

.NET Developer

2011 - Currently

I strive to learn something new from every project.

For how long have you been at Melon?  

I have been at Мelon for 10 years now. My journey as a developer started as early as12 years old. I attended the mathematics high school in my hometown. There, I began writing code for the first time. I was amused by the idea that “I can make the computer do things". I was very fortunate that my parents believed in me back in 2001. They bought me my first Windows PC and I had the opportunity to start programming from that young age.        

I started at Melon as a Junior C# developer. My first assignment was a hands-on software development project for an American medical company helping patients with diabetes. I was working on a very tight schedule with sprints. To this day it has been one of the best managed projects in my career. Also, I was able to start cultivating my communication skills with the designated project manager.      

What’s kept your interest as a software developer for so long?      

I love solving problems. And with the years, I’ve managed to keep myself dedicated. Intriguing projects and challenges are what motivates me. I strive to learn something new from every project. For example, the project that I am currently working on uses a new programming language, a whole bunch of new technologies and it is very interesting.  

I learn from our success stories and from our mistakes. I even learn from our interns since people development is important to me and I’m thankful that Melon has given me such an opportunity. Communication is key.  

What’s the next thing you want to learn?      

More structure and discipline. I tend to fly in the skies quite often. I want to be more patient, with my team and myself. I'd like to be more attentive when teaching to-be software developers.      

Do you feel valued at Melon?      

For sure, I haven’t felt useless at Melon. For example, if we have an issue with a project, even if it's not my project, and I have been asked to help, I have always done may best to solve the problem. I feel valued by both my teammates and the management. This mindset is crucial to the culture at Melon. A funny fact to mention here: I have won “the grumpiest person at Melon” for 3 years in a row.        

What don’t your colleagues know about you?      

I love photography. And I have shown some of my albums around Melon.      

I prefer tea over coffee.    

What would you like to share with your colleagues?      

I want to be back at the office. Even though I may appear grumpy, I need human interaction, as most of us do. And I love it. I love talking and sharing ideas with people. I miss it and I don’t feel okay. “So, guys, I miss you, and can’t wait to see you back at the office”