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Crowdfunding Platform Buzzbnk: Backing Bright Ideas

Buzzbnk is a crowdfunding website for social ventures aiming to offer a new way of funding social change in the UK.

project type

Web, Mobile, UI/UX



engagement model

Dedicated Teams

release date

October 2014


ASP.NET (Ajax, Java Script, HTML), SQL server, web farm-ready



SellAVenture came to us with an idea to create a crowdfunding website for social ventures called Buzzbnk. The website’s goal was to offer a new way of funding social change in the UK.

Our client had a clear idea for the website’s structure, objectives and an initial design. We also pitched in ideas that were weaved into the plan. Additionally, at the request of the client our design department refreshed of the original design, still in use today.


Besides collecting pledges, the backend also had to be capable of refunds for those projects that did not meet their fundraising goal and send all backers notifications for important project milestones, among other features. We wrote the code from scratch to create a truly custom solution.

We modified a version of our own content-management system, Melon CMS, to the specific needs of a crowdfunding website focused on social organizations. No other ready-made components were used.


At a later stage, SellAVenture requested that we build the platform as a white-label solution for use by other similar organizations and to be able to configure most website features manually. Developing the website to be this flexible increased the difficulty of balancing between client-specific functionality and white-labeling.

To support fundraisers in reaching their supporters, our client wanted to build a mobile app. Based on our client’s ideas, Melon’s UI/UX specialists designed an iPhone app. SellAVenture applied for funding to the Nesta organization with this design [] and was awarded £50,000 to go mobile.


  • The client has become a functioning crowdfunding platform;
  • An efficient iOS app that translates Buzzbnk’s website functionality and expands it by adding new, mobile-only features;
  • The app is fully integrated with the website;
  • Supported the fundraising of over £600,000 for social change projects;
  • Also generated interest as a white-label solution for crowdsourcing;
  • Ongoing development of new features and support of the the website.