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Initially, Teknobingo were a client of a US game platform company, who in turn were Melon’s client since 2010. As of May 2013, the US provider switched business models and Teknobingo engaged us directly to support their software. They already had a platform with traditional bingo games they wanted to improve by redesigning the interface of their game client and integrating new features. Their goal was to shake it up and introduce a diversity of games to attract more players.

Teknobingo Scandinavia Teknobingo Scandinavia Teknobingo Scandinavia
Teknobingo Scandinavia
Teknobingo Scandinavia
Teknobingo Scandinavia




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Flash, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and graphic design


The Client

Teknobingo is a major electronic bingo hall operator in Norway with approximately 250 employees. Melon has been working with Teknobingo with the goal of improving their offering, as well as updating the website - taking full advantage of Melon’s integrated and flexible service offering.


The software development team that took over the project consisted of six people - two Flash developers, two Python developers, one designer and one front-end developer. At different points, certain members of the team were not actively involved with the project. From a few days to several months which is why the times-and-materials model proved to be the best solution. Also, two of our developers went on location for two weeks to help with the release in Norway ensuring a smooth launch.


Teknobingo’s goal was to overhaul their interface. Melon’s first task was to create a completely new look for the games. However, the available documentation wasn’t sufficient, so we had to reverse engineer and rewrite the game client. Since it became clear we would be introducing new features and games, we had to build a reliable and easy-to-support platform. The logic was written from scratch. This was also the biggest challenge we’ve faced during the software project and took us four months to complete. 


Additionally, Melon was recruited to revamp the website. The Python team and the front-end developer took over that task. Besides the new interface, they added new functionalities such as rank lists of the best players and VIP profiles for clients that can check their stats and receive achievements, badges and prizes.

Latest Developments

Teknobingo is constantly adding new games to their portfolio to keep the players’ interest up and to attract new clients. At the moment, а Flash developer and а graphic designer are working to meet these needs. Teknobingo usually presents their idea for a new feature, which is then discussed and refined with the active participation of our technical team. Once specified, the designer creates the UI, Teknobingo approves and the Flash developer takes over. After introducing four new games and variations of existing ones, we’re about to launch two more. Even though all of them are with completely different layouts and functionalities, it’s relatively quick to implement them since we already have a reliable client built for the purpose. 


  • Introduced great variety of new games and features offering players an experience;
  • Rewritten the entire game client;
  • Redesigned games’ user interface;
  • Launch of a new website with new options for their users;
  • The client took full advantage of our integrated software development services.;
  • Liven up games which are the core of the client's ongoing success.


Client Testimonial

"For more than 4 years we have outsourced development of features for our games to Melon, and will continue to do so in the future. We are very pleased with their work, the way they collaborate on our projects, and their focus on software quality.

Terje Olsen, CEO, Teknobingo Scandinavia 


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