Melon is a global pioneer in the mobile software development with a range of industry awards, partnerships and 20+ million users worldwide.

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Starting in 2003, Melon expanded and evolved its mobile expertise, becoming a world leading mobile application house through partnerships with Nokia and other OEMs. We stand behind a diverse line of popular travel and navigation, productivity and utility products for mobile devices across all top platforms.

Integrated solutions capabilities – along with our web development teams, we also house 30+ mobile developers for both native and cross-platform solutions.

End-to-end service – our most successful projects involve our team from early project stages (incl. business and feasibility analysis), all the way to maintenance and system support, giving us full control of code and delivery quality.

Experience – our 15+ years in both in-house product development and mobile development services give a unique advantage and know-how we gladly share with partners across multiple industries and company development stages.

Technological diversity – we are exceptionally versed in native development for both Android and iOS. The still evolving cross-platform development approach is slowly stabilizing and we are quick to adopt and upgrade latest frameworks and libraries. Notably, we are confident with building apps with the help of Ionic, ReactNative, Xamarin and Cordova.

Mobile software solutions developed through a partnership with Melon’s clients:

Tablet application for sales employees at Coca-Cola Hellenic to help them plan, organize, and manage their daily tasks, routes, orders, campaigns, etc.

IOT-integrated Android application that graphs physical performance, tracks lifestyle, analyses data and offers feedback for improvement for TAO WellShell.

A sales-force automation application for internal (corporate) use at Coca-Cola Hellenic.

Award-winning native mobile apps for a major e-commerce solution including retail and wholesale process for Remix.

Sofia Film Festival official mobile application with an original, intuitive interface.

Online education mobile apps, including a new service for companies’ needs for upskilling staff with GroupMooc.

Leading-edge Android and iOS apps for professional and amateur winter sports performance tracking by MAPtoSNOW.

Unique book reader application which allows collaboration between reader and authors, across books and genres called Binary Books.

All-in-one mobile local news aggregator called Magelando.

Back office system with user and management accounts, games, and API, allowing game development within CashBet’s corporate site and the game sites.

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Our teams relish new trends and challenging projects in the mobile industry, in areas like automation, IOT integration and cloud solutions. The combined, practical proficiency helps us guide our partners through the high-potential aspects of the ongoing digital revolution.

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