Melon has been a part of the mobile apps ecosystem long before the introduction of the iPhone in January 2007. As the industry flourished and expanded, we've worked across all major platforms. We have worked on 100+ mobile projects and products. The variety is no less impressive - from simple apps to enterprise solutions and complex technological implementations.


Since its inception, Android has become a part of Melon’s technology arsenal. We have experience with both Java and Kotlin. We take pride in implementing architectural design in accordance with the best practices: MVP, MVVM, and clean architecture. Our developers are fluent in RxJava/RxAndroid and Dagger2 with rich experience in location-based development including the new fused location and activity detection, as well as client-server communication using libraries like Retrofit, GSON, Jackson, Volley, and others. The team also has sound knowledge in databases (ORM libraries, Realm, Room) and game development.


We have been an active part of the iOS development community since 2007. We have experience with Swift, Objective-C, Core Services, Media and Cocoa Touch frameworks, developer tools (Xcode), and workflows (both manual memory management and ARC, profiling, unit testing, continuous integration, provisioning, distributing and submission to the App Store). Our specialized expertise is in areas of location-based development, as well as iBeacon technology. We also have solid experience in game development with SpriteKit.

React Native

Along with React Native's exponentially growing popularity as cross-platform framework, we built a passionate and dedicated team with strong experience with React Native's best practices and design patterns, as well as Redux and the smart/presentation components structure. The team enjoys how easy it is to create beautiful UI with flex for devices with variety of sizes for both the Android and iOS platforms.


Cordova is a cross-platform development platform leverages JavaScript to deploy to different mobile and desktop platforms, as well as browser applications. It reduces development cost and time through reuse of code between platforms. Melon has rich experience using Cordova from simple web apps to full-fledged games and integration with external hardware.


Ionic provides additional tools on top of Cordova making development easier and faster for a wide range of applications. The list of hybrid features we implemented includes: panoramic viewer, social media integration, custom hardware integration (i.e. heart monitors), NFC tags, streaming video, multi-user collaboration, indoor and outdoor navigation, financial and medical applications, live TV (second screen) apps, seamless native app-like presentation layer, offline performance support, complete online and casino games. We are confident with any native application.


This cross-platform development platform leverages the .NET framework and C# codebase to compile for Windows Phone, iOS and Android. Melon has built database driven application modules using SQLite with server synchronization and MindScape's LightSpeed .NET ORM. Our rich experience with Microsoft's development stack helped us get familiarized quickly, despite the user interface hardships of cross-platform development.


Melon has been consulting, designing, developing and maintaining web sites and applications since 2001. We're constantly growing in number and now housing over 130 web developers across top technology platforms, accumulating a compelling level of expertise in each of them.


Most web application and platform development projects are implemented using .NET. We’ve been tied to the platform since version 1.1. Our developers prefer and recommend the latest available versions of tools and frameworks: .NET 4.7, MVC 5, EF 6, Web API 5, Web Pages 5 (Razor), .NET Core 2.1.


This versatile programming language has gained significant traction in the past years. Most of our experience is with the Django framework. We have gained compelling knowledge through using Python for online game development, where we have been working on large projects for several years.


Our leading open source web development platform is PHP. Melon’s team has experience using many of the numerous frameworks, most notably Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter and CakePHP.


Melon has a small team proficient in the Java programming language. More specifically, our technology stack is: Java EE, Spring Framework, JPA, Hibernate, Maven, MySQL database, PostgreSQL database, MongoDB, DynamoDB, etc. Our team accumulated significant expertise in developing and maintaining cloud application using AWS and Google Cloud. Also, we’re proficient in integration and development of 3rd party Javabased applications, like Hippo CMS.


The enhanced, Google-backed HTML framework has become an industry standard used by all top software developers for mobile and web applications alike. Our team has extensive experience in SPA development with .NET, Python, PHP and other backends with all versions of Angular.


Melon's front-end team has notable knowledge and experience in ReactJS. Driven by the passion for learning new technologies and different perspectives for front-end development, Melon's front-end team started exploring and using ReactJS as it emerged. We are proud to say that our knowledge and experience with ReactJS, also ReactJS with Redux, is on a high level.


Melon's front-end team has abundant experience in presentation layer technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery seasoned with modern libraries and pre-processors like SASS/LESS, Bootstrap and Gulp/Grunt. Many of our developers are proficient in all contemporary frameworks and technologies like Vue.js, Angular and ReactJS mixed with server-side experience with Node.js and Express.


Melon has a small team proficient in the Ruby programming language. More specifically, our experience is in the Ruby on Rails framework, as well as REST Services and PostgreSQL database. Our team has significant expertise in GeoSpatial databases PostGIS (PostgreSQL) and Javascript libraries: GoogleMaps APIs, OpenLayers, etc.


Melon’s web development team quickly picked up on this high-performance platform as a wellfounded server-side development solution and gained experience with the now widespread Node.js and Express frameworks.


We are experienced in building SharePoint Online and on-premise Intranet, Extranet, and Internet portals with both custom and out-of-the-box look-and-feel, accessible and responsive on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops alike. 


We offer Office 365 consultancy and solution design and development services, based on the SharePoint technology stack. Our process initiates with business requirements gathering, assessment of existing infrastructure, and user experience prototyping. In today‘s fast-paced tech environment, we aim to design systems fit for future growth. We have a proven track record of generating clear roadmap for design and implementation, as well as maintenance and support. We provide adoption and technical support of Office 365 and SharePoint addressing your organization's employee needs.


Migrating existing SharePoint data and features is frequently underrated in terms of complexity yet often critical for business continuity. With no standard migration path offered by Microsoft, we bring significant value by being versed in planning and executing migrations from SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013, to any higher versions, including SharePoint Online. Our team uses PowerShell automation, third-party migration tools, and other approaches, based on the specific requirements. 


Evolving with the cloud, we are helping organizations of any size to improve and automate business processes using O365 rich apps ecosystem and applying the latest technologies such as SPFx (SharePoint Framework), the Modern Experience, Flow, PowerApps, Forms, etc.

Game Development

Through conscious focus, Melon has accumulated significant expertise in the game development vertical through multiple projects ranging from casual to real-money gaming. From client-side implementations to complex game design and back-end development, our team is versed in providing end-to-end service for any type of mobile, web or integrated gaming project.


From game logic, through UX and graphic interface, we have experts who can consult or design gaming experiences at any phase of development. We can adhere to different clients, requirements and technologies, including latest and legacy platforms.


Melon’s game development team has both developed games from scratch, as well as rebuilt legacy game clients on contemporary platforms (web, mobile, desktop and console). The technologies we work with are: pure HTML/CSS/ JavaScript or libraries like Phaser/Pixi, Angular, React, Flash, and popular game engines like Unity and Godot. We’ve integrated clients with all types of back-end infrastructures and communication layers – HTTP services and sockets, string-based (JSON, XML, custom), and binary (protocol buffers, custom protocols).


We develop gaming solutions of any complexity. Systems we’ve built have used various game services based on different back-end technologies (Python, PHP , C#/.NET), with any front-end combination (MVC, Django, Angular, React) for administration and management tools. Optimal results are achieved with our inhouse team involved in all components and all phases of development.


Parallel to our 15+ years of experience in web, mobile and game development, our seasoned teams have accumulated necessary expertise in data management and business intelligence.


Melon's developers have worked on various database technologies, both Relational (MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB, CouchDB, DynamoDB). Our senior engineers often consult clients on the database and system architecture.


Every business needs to manage data and get value from it. Our team offers following services based on their plentiful experience: Data Warehouse Architecture and Design, ETL Implementation (data integration from various sources), Dashboard Reporting Development (data visualization, interactive reports), and Data Mining (extracting value from the data). Tools we regularly use are MS SQL Server, SSSIS, SSRS, SSDT, MS Power BI, MS Excel.

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