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Melon Learning delivered to Telenor Bulgaria eLearning software available to the entire organization countrywide that allowed all the employees to be trained with minimal logistics involved and saved the company many manhours and resources. To date, 21 courses have been uploaded and nearly 3230 employees have used the eLearning platform.

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The Project

In 2011 GLOBUL, the second largest mobile operator in Bulgaria approached Melon Learning in relation to their risk management and audit procedures. 400 to 500 employees had to be trained in Emergency Procedures Training and the logical choice was an eLearning course. The company was looking for a time- and cost-sensitive integrated solution – training combined with branded interactive eLearning software. Melon Learning successfully delivered the training and the learning management system which GLOBUL utilized for a year. 

In 2014, a few months after the company was officially consolidated in the Telenor Group, they reached Melon Learning again with the task to adapt to Bulgarian three eLearning courses that are obligatory for all Telenor’s employees – Code of Conduct, Anti-corruption Policies and Health, Safety, Security and the Environment. Shortly after the completion of this project Telenor sought Melon Learning to provide them with an eLearning platform to facilitate all company’s trainings for their 2 400 employees countrywide. Further, Melon learning was engaged as a system administrator and help desk. This includes course uploads, authentication and access, scheduling, alerts, notifications and communication, addressing users’ questions, providing summaries and reports, etc.

The Goal

The client was looking for cost efficient and reliable software that can deliver trainings to the entire staff simultaneously. They needed easy and user-friendly access with minimum logistics involved, especially for the employees at the Telenor stores and points of sale. The client sought modern simplified user interface with intuitive flow and the option to modify the content of the courses. But primarily, they needed first level system support. Telenor also required comprehensive summaries and reports of the employees’ progress to monitor and optimize the training process.

The Challenges

The greatest challenges were the initial data collection, integration and management and the time constraints. As the company was newly consolidated they needed all the 2 400 employees to be trained timely and efficiently as soon as possible. It took about one and a half month for Melon Learning to configure and back-up the learning management system and upload the already adapted courses. All the challenges were overcome via close (intense) communication with the client and the end users.

The Results

  • E-Learning software available to the entire organization countrywide;
  • The system allowed all the employees to be trained with minimal logistics involved;
  • Saved many manhours and resources of the client'
  • Easy and intuitive, it provided smooth and fast access to the client's employees;
  • Melon Learning is also providing the client with attentive support
  • The client took full advantage of the integrated services that we were able to offer.

In Numbers

  • Nearly 2400 Telenor Bulgaria employees have been active in the eLearning platform'
  • More than 2250 of them have passed through the three obligatory training courses – Code of Conduct, Anti-Corruption and Health, Safety, Security and the Environment;
  • Another more than 600 employees have used the system to access Performance Evaluation System Training;
  • Another more than 230 have self-enrolled for a Communication Skills training from the Melon LMS course catalogue;
  • 21 courses have been uploaded in Melon LMS.
  • On a daily basis, average of 16 unique users log into the system to access them.

Client Testimonial

"Thanks to the Melon team, the ambitious task to train the entire company staff on mandatory courses in limited time was accomplished. The challenges were a lot and varied but the key to the success of this project were the competencies of Melon’s team and their extremely to-the-point and expedient communication with the end-user and with the project leader. Our partnership will continue to deliver value to Telenor and will continue to make our internal processes easy and user-friendly. I would like again to express my satisfaction of the intense, but highly productive partnership with Melon during this difficult project. Looking forward to work together on other challenging projects!"

Teodora Simeonova

HR Expert

People and Organizational Development Department, Telenor Bulgaria